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The Mezzofocus

Pride of place goes to the elegant Mezzofocus: its strong personality makes it the centre of attention, the ultimate focal point of any room.

The hood and base, though different sizes, form a perfect sphere to the eye. The purity of the shape is a powerful presence, emphasized by the warmth emitted by the hearth. Whether in a contemporary setting or a more traditional, rustic environment, this model invites conviviality.

Product Specifications

Hood Diameter: 1.075 m

Hearth Diameter: 0.945 m
Flue and other fitting elements: Made to measure dependent upon ceiling height and project specific requirements
Paint: Heat-resistant matte black (standard) or anthracite grey
Fuel: Wood burning or Gas burning

Nominal Heat Output: 5 kW
Efficiency: 35.5%
CO output: 0.45%