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The Heterofocus

Sculpted in raw, polished steel with visible welding seams, each Heterofocus is numbered and signed.

These unique fireplaces offer exceptional heat output, embodying Focus's aspiration to merge art, craftsmanship and innovation without compromising technical efficiency.

Product Specifications

Hearth Width: 1.4 m

Hearth Height: 1.01 m

Hearth Depth: 4.6 m
Flue and other fitting elements: Made to measure dependent upon ceiling height and project specific requirements
Paint: Unpainted, raw polished steel
Fuel: Wood burning or Gas burning
Ash Removal: Hatch at base
Rotation: Stainless Steel Ball-Bearing system allows smooth 360° rotation

Nominal Heat Output: 11 kW
Efficiency: 78.6%
CO output: 0.10%