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The Gigafocus

A choice of three generous widths and an ample height make the Gigafocus a truly exceptional model. A union of design that allows this fireplace to expose its flames red-handed in their unbridled optimism.


Product Specifications

Hearth Width: 1.50 m, 1.70 m, or 1.90 m

Hearth Height: 0.4 m

Firebox Width: 1.78 m, 1.98 m, or 2.18 m

Firebox Height: 1.35 m, or 1.8 m 

Firebox Depth: 0.685 m

Access: Telescopic glass door opens to 45° angle

Fuel: Wood burning

Nominal Heat Output: 16-32 kW (dependent on model)
Efficiency: 63%-68%  (dependent on model)
CO output: 0.22%-0.18% (dependent on model)