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The Filiofocus

Stylish, elegant, functional. This model’s fusion of the pure lines of its hood and its curved fire basin evoke the subtle elegance of Japanese design.

This fireplace effortlessly graces interiors of low, high or angled ceilings.
The free-standing Filiofocus won the Gold Medal in the “Trophées du Design” at the Batimat exhibition in Paris, 2001, and the Silver Medal for design in Stuttgart in 2004.

-'It is magnificent - congratulations,'-
wrote Sir Norman Foster after Dominique Imbert created a giant Filiofocus for a prestigious reception area in a building designed by the architect. This elegant model is based on that design, but scaled down to dimensions more suitable for domestic interiors.

With an innovative telescopic system that allows the hood to be drawn down to close off the hearth, the Filiofocus marries function and refined style.


Product Specifications

Hearth Diameter: 1.16 m
Flue and other fitting elements: Made to measure dependent upon ceiling height and project specific requirements. Option for unique Telescopic flue which closes unit completely
Paint: Heat-resistant matte black (standard) or anthracite grey
Fuel: Wood burning
Access: Available as either open hearth, or with curved glass panels which slide to open

Nominal Heat Output: 4 kW
Efficiency: 40%
CO output: 0.28%