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The Eurofocus

'A private screening for fire.'
'A fireplace with a sculptural presence, without a hint of pretension.'
'The time has come for flames stripped bare.'
'The story of fire brought to the screen.' …

These are some of the many admiring descriptions of the Eurofocus when the media gave this model the 'Mercure du Design' prize at its creation in 1993. The model was also awarded the silver medal in the 'Trophées du Design' at the Batimat trade show in Paris.

The door has a full glass panel, giving this model the performance of a closed fire. A tinted interior glass panel in the top third of the hearth serves as a
supplementary inlet when the door is opened to add wood. Air drawn from outside (or, failing that, from the room) circulates along the lateral walls of the hearth to aid combustion (the control is under the door). Warm air is diffused by the upper openings. The fireplace can be supplied as a fixed or 360° pivoting version. It can be installed in the centre of a room, in a corner, or against a flat wall.


Product Specifications

Hearth Height: 1.48 m

Hearth Width: 0.95 m

Flue and other fitting elements: Made to measure dependent upon ceiling height and project specific requirements
Paint: Heat-resistant matte black (standard) or anthracite grey
Fuel: Wood burning or Gas burning
Ash Removal: Heat resistant glass door  
Rotation: May be fixed to base360° rotation

Nominal Heat Output: 7 kW
Efficiency: 65.4%
CO output: 0.09%