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The Bathyscafocus

The perfection of geometry allied with the purity of fire...

With a nod towards the sea, this round, compact fireplace is a serene, discreet yet warm presence, pivoting so the fire can be turned to any point in the room. The model also comes in a porthole version with a closed hearth, which provides excellent thermal efficiency.

The Bathyscafocus, more a reward than a fireplace, is a perfect balance between style and technology.


Product Specifications

Hearth Diameter: 0.7 m
Flue and other fitting elements: Made to measure dependent upon ceiling height and project specific requirements
Paint: Heat-resistant matte black (standard) or anthracite grey
Fuel: Wood burning or Gas burning (fixed base version only)
Rotation: Stainless Steel Ball-Bearing system allows smooth 360° rotation

Nominal Heat Output: 5.5 kW
Efficiency: 59.4%
CO output: 0.26%

Clearance Requirements:
To Floor: 45 cm - 50 cm to non-combustible flooring
On All Sides:
      25 cm to non-combustible material
      36 cm to combustible material