We believe that a home is not just shelter from the elements. A home should elevate the experience of daily life in a way which is tangible the moment you step in the front door. We don’t simply build houses, at CCI Management we strive to build functional and emotive works of contemporary art.

The projects the we enjoy the most are those which offer complex and unique construction challenges. We find the satisfaction of this work through both the process and the end product of building unique, architecturally designed homes. 

CCI Management has worked closely with such notable architects as Thomas Debicki and Bing Thom. Our primary focus on any project is to respect and accurately manifest the nuance of architectural design intent such that the completed building is representative of the architect’s vision. 

This is what sets CCI Management apart from your average homebuilder:

  • Commitment to Design Intent and Architectural Vision
  • Effective liaison between client, designer and builder
  • Ability to apply adaptive problem solving to changing constraints
  • Experience with complex and unconventional structural systems
  • Expertise in high-end exterior cladding applications
  • Relationships with uncompromising and talented tradespeople
  • Hands-on involvement in site operations and logistics
  • In-house architectural technologists and design team
  • Holistic project management style involving all aspects of construction project

You have a unique architectural vision and a highly refined design sensibility, we have the skills and means to turn this vision into a reality. Trust CCI Management with your next Architectural project and see the difference that our integrated project management solutions can make.