Our Philosophy

We believe that a home is not just shelter from the elements. A home should elevate the experience of daily life in a way which is tangible the moment you step in the front door. We don't build houses, we build living and functional works of contemporary art.

Our emphasis is always on precision, attention to detail and quality as we strive to realize attractive and contemporary architectural visions.

We frequently work directly with architects and clients to provide building solutions for complex and challenging design problems. The projects which we enjoy most are those which do not compromise quality for budget and reflect a refined aesthetic sensibility.

Custom Home, Architecture, Construction Management, Contemporary, Modern

Our History

CCI project management began in 1999 working closely with local architects on high-end, custom residential projects. These professional relationships with some of the cities top designers allowed us to become experts in several methods of construction not normally encountered in typical home design.

Our Team

Our team is multi-disciplined with a wide range of backgrounds. We are just as comfortable at a desk behind a computer screen, as on a job site behind a table saw. The nature of our preferred projects requires us to be hands on and highly engaged in the construction process. In addition, we work with trusted tradespeople who are the best in their specialized fields to whom we can delegate the most difficult of building tasks.